Bill’s Family - Person Sheet
Bill’s Family - Person Sheet
NameIgnatz Fabisch 108,109,110, G Grandfather, F120, 1146, M
Birthabt 10 Oct 1824, Siemianowitz, Schlesien, Preussen110
Memomarried Hedwig at 46. (I think I found the christening record)
Deathbet 1884 - 1918 Age: 59
ReligionRoman Catholic110
FlagsLived in Schlesien, Research Complete, have mDoc
FatherFlorian Fabisch , 5161, M (~1797-)
MotherFancisca Hedwig Piechotzig , 5160, F (1800-)
Misc. Notes
Not Baptised in Gleiwitz.
Siemianowitz records not available.
Jewish Matrikel, 1856-1880 FHL INTL Film 1184434 Item 2
Misc. Notes
From “Die Deutschen Familien Namen” 943 D46h 1933
Fabisch s. Faibisch
Faibisch II. Umbildung von Phoebus in jued.
N. Dasselbe ist Faibusch; Feibuseh;
Fabisch; Faibel, Vgl Benfey.
Misc. Notes
The name Fabich (or Fabisz) appears to be of Polish origin and seems to be based on the Latin name Fabianus. It was common to take the parents first name extract the first few characters and suffix it by adding isz or ich which means (roughly) “son of”. This method of name contruction was called Patronymics and was used in the 12 & 13 Centuries. In the 14 centuries, Surnames started being used and passed down by the Slavs. In 1990, there were 479 Fabichs and 553 Fabiszs living in current day Poland. This is according to Kazimierz Rymut in his book Nazwy Miast Polski.

The 1935 and 1936 San Francisco Directories list a Hattie Fabish (wid John) as living with William and Frances Schneider. If this is Hedwig (she died in 1936 and is buried with Frances), they appear to think her husband’s name was John. Using the German naming convention, he may have been named Johan Ignadz. In this case, all legal records would have been under Ignadz (his secular name) and the first name would simply link him to his patron saint - most male children were named John something using this convention.

The children appear to have been named according to the Polish / Ukraninia convention of picking the closes Saint’s Feast day and naming the child after that saint (at least this works for Antonie and Bruno who are the only two I know the birth month for).

Town: Bytom Deaths 1867-1939
Gubernia: Piotrkow / Province: Katowice

Surname Givenname Year Type Akt Date Age Fathersurn Fathername Mothersurn Mothername Comments Film
FABISCH Maria 1918 D 1118 05-Jul-1918 75 TÖPFER Michael 1184405
FABISCH Julius 1926 D 1528 13-May-1926 75 1184405
Misc. Notes
Could this be the same ignatz?

groom's name:
Ferdinand Jacob Fabich
groom's birth date:
25 Jul 1842
groom's birthplace:

groom's age:
bride's name:
Johanna Therese Bertha Liebezeit
bride's birth date:
16 Jul 1845
bride's birthplace:

bride's age:
marriage date:
19 Apr 1870
marriage place:
Berlin, Brandenburg, Preußen, Germany
groom's father's name:
Ignatz Fabich
groom's mother's name:

bride's father's name:
Christian August Liebezeit
bride's mother's name:

groom's race:

groom's marital status:
groom's previous wife's name:

bride's race:

bride's marital status:
bride's previous husband's name:

indexing project (batch) number:
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reference number:
p191 cn127
Misc. Notes
Deutsche Verlust Listen Pr. 557
Landwehr - Infanterie - Regiment Nr. 75
4. Kompagnie
Fabisch, Ignatz - Neu Kranzig - verwundet 10.10.14

German Loss Listing
Land Resistance - Infantry - Regiment No.75
4th Squadron

Fabisch, Joseph (1807 - 16.12.1872), 4.4.1860 GM, 17.4.1865 pens.
Misc. Notes
check 413 landis cr kansas city, missouri 1900 census
Misc. Notes
Poland, Gliwice Roman Cat...c Church Books, 1599-1976KatowiceGliwiceDeaths (Akta zgonów) 1885-1889 Image 87 of 106 

Josef Fabisch

Poland, Gliwice Roman Cat...c Church Books, 1599-1976KatowiceGliwice
Deaths (Akta zgonów) 1885-1889 Image 98 of 106 

Hedwig Fabisch

Poland, Gliwice Roman Cat...c Church Books, 1599-1976KatowiceGliwice
Deaths (Akta zgonów) 1885-1889 Image 100 of 106 

Juliana Fabisch

Poland, Gliwice Roman Cat...c Church Books, 1599-1976KatowiceGliwice, Sankt Bartholomäus
Births (Akta urodzeń) 1814-1831 Image 169 of 289 

Ignatz ?????
1Francisca Nahey Or Niehoy , N650, 1764, F
Marriageabt 1857
ChildrenOttilea “Tillie” , 1288, F (1858-1908)
 Julia , 1303, F (1861-1912)
 Anna , 1307, F (1865-1901)
 Mika , 1301, F (1867-1946)
 Emil , 1280, M (~1868-1920)
2Hedwig Francisca Ligensa 108,110,111, G Grandmother, L252, 1200, F
FatherWilhelm Bernard “Caspar” Ligensa , 2228, M (1824-)
MotherJohanna Eva Jankowitz , 2229, F (1825-1874)
Marriage8 Jan 1872, Gleiwitz, Schlesien, Preussen, Germany110
Marr MemoIgnatz was a widower
ChildrenOlga , 1302, F (1873-1964)
 Antonie Pauline , 1148, F (1875-1961)
 Bruno Arthur , 1278, M (1877-1961)
 Frances “Fannie” , 1285, F (1883-1958)
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