Bill’s Family - Person Sheet
Bill’s Family - Person Sheet
NameCol Henry Ashton Johnson 63,9, GGGG Grandfather, J525, 136, M
Birthabt 1760, Louisa Co, Virginia Colony63
Death1806, KY, US63 Age: 46
MemoRevolutionary War (DAR)
Military SvsAmerican Revolution (VA) - American Army
FlagsLived in US, Look in KY, Look in VA
FatherCapt Thomas Johnson Sr , 138, M (<1733-1799)
MotherElizabeth Ashton , 1458, F (<1730-)
Misc. Notes
Henry Ashton Johnson, born c. 1760, died January 9, 1806, in KY
In Rev. War (DAR Index),married jan. 19, 1784, Louisa Co. VA to Ann

Virginia's Share in the Military Movements of the Revolution
page 214
Johnson, Henry Ashton, S. L., R. April 10, 1779--under J. Watson.

Henry Ashton Johnson was supposedly killed by the Indians at the Battle of Blue Licks.
I have never been able to document this. Is this true? Wasn't the Battle of Blue Licks about 1788? That means that Ann and Henry were only married about 4 years before he died.64

The information on Henry Ashton Johnson and his marriagae to Ann Michie
came from the book, "Marriages of Louisa County, Virginia, 1766-1815" by
Kathleen Booth Williams. On page 57, it states,
19 January 1784. Henry A. Johnson and Ann Michie. Sur. John
Poindexter, Jr. Married 20 January by Rev. William Douglas p 25.
Misc. Notes
In a file in the Library of the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort under letters written to the Society pertaining to surnames, I found in the Stites file a letter written in 1937 from a Kitty Stites Figgery of Nashville, Tn asking about the death of Henry Ashton Johnson.  Written in pencil at the foot of the letter were notes evidently made by the researcher saying that he had served in the Rev. War and also this note: "A settlement of the estate of Henry A. Johnson, deceased, is returned to court by the Commissioners and ordered to be recorded.  August 11, 1811."  There is nothing to tell where this information came from.
All the other letters in the file came from a Stites family in Henderson, Ky. asking for information on their branch of the family. 
Nancy in beautiful Kentucky.

In looking through my Stites folder to find the inventory of Dr. John Stites' possessions, I found the following: A letter written by Kitty Stites Figgery of Nashville, TN to the Kentucky Historical Society asking for the date of death of Henry A. Johnson. There was a notation wirtten in pencil by a member of the Ky. Historical Society: "A settlement of the estate of Henry A, Johnson deceased is returned to court by the commissioners and ordered to be recorded, August 11, 1811."  I found this letter from Kitty Stites Figgery in the letter section of the library located in the new Kentucky Museum in Frankfort.
So Henry Ashton Johnson must have died sometime before the August 11 date. The sale of Dr.John Stites' belongings was held February 24, 1812.  So they couldn't have been married more than a few months unless it took several years for Henry's estate to be settled.
1Ann Michie 63, GGGG Grandmother, M200, 137, F
FatherJames Michie , 1471, M (1739-1778)
MotherElizabeth Watson , 1472, F (~1733-1802)
Marriage19 Jan 1784, Louisa, VA, US46
Marr MemoSec V ch 66
ChildrenAnn Michie “Nancy” , 1394, F (1789-1859)
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