Penny Ashton - 1990
Serves 2

  ZUCCHINI & EGGS   Good light summer supper. This one is required to use up the zucchini, when you grow your own.   4Zucchini (¼ in. slices) (allow 2 small per person)>Fry Zucchini in butter until soft or lightly browned. Drain any excess liquid. Butter 1tSeasonings[1]   4Eggs (allow 2 per person)>Beat eggs well with fork in bowl, add milk then pour over Zucchini. 4TMilk or Cream   Cheese (optional, unless you ask Bill). Cheddar, Jack, Swiss or whatever is on hand. You may add cheese with egg to be sure it melts or just sprinkle it on top afterwards. Cook quickly only until eggs set or lots of liquid will accumulate in pan. If it does, just drain or lift out zucchini & eggs with slotted pancake turner.  
[1]. I used to sprinkle Lowry Salad Seasoning over the Zucchini but be creative. Try Italian with basil or a dash of garlic and parmesan.