Penny Ashton - 1990
makes 1 cup

WHITE SAUCE / CREAM SAUCE For Curry or Herb - Garlic, see below before starting. Season with Paprika, Salt, Pepper & Nutmeg if you like. White pepper, is commonly used in white sauces. 2TButter>Melt in small skillet or pan. Add flour and stir to blend. 2TFlour 1CMilk>Add cold milk all at once and stir until thick. Cook & stir 2 minutes more. WHITE SAUCE VARIATIONS Curry Sauce: 1tCurry powder>Added to butter before flour. Herb - Garlic Sauce: 1clvgarlic (minced)> Cook garlic in butter for about 1 minute before adding flour. When Sauce is finished, add spices. ½tDried Basil ½tDried Tarragon (crushed) Blue Cheese Sauce: ¼CSour Cream>Add to sauce. Do not boil. ¼CCrumpled Blue Cheese Cheese Sauce: ¼CMilk> Add extra milk, melt cheese in sauce. 1CCheddar, Swiss or Gruyere Parmesan / Romano Sauce: ¼CParmesan or Romano>Add to finished sauce. Herb Sauce: ½tAny of the following: Basil, Marjoram, Oregano, Sage, or Thyme.>Add to finished sauce. Lemon Chive Sauce: 1Tsnipped Chives>Add to finished sauce. 2tLemon Juice   Sherry Sauce: 2TDry Sherry>Add to sauce. Cook 1 min. more.

updated 20 Mar, 2002