Penny Ashton 1990
For 18 lb. Bird

4 cup Measure
LARGE Mixing Container
or Use Roaster Pan Lid

  TURKEY STUFFING   This is the way my Grandmother Wooden made it.   1cubeButter>Melt in Large Frying Pan. 1cubeMargarine   ½COnions (chopped fine)>Add to pan and Cook until soft. 4CCelery (small dice)
1 large bunch - use leaves and all.   4Eggs>Beat with fork to combine. Use 4 cup Measure (save dishes). 2CMilk   3pkgsBread Cubes>Throw away any seasoning packets. Put in Large Container.   Pour Celery Mixture and Milk/Eggs over Cubes. Toss gently with Wooden Spoons to distribute moisture evenly. Allow to stand for 10 to 15 minutes to absorb moisture.   1TBaking Powder>Sprinkle and Toss again. 1tSalt