Penny Ashton - 1990   SHOPPING LIST  

 1 18 lbFresh Turkey1 lb per person w/leftovers - Advance order from Butcher

 2 cans (14 ½ oz ea.)Turkey BrothGravy-Chicken is fine too.
 4 cansCranberry SauceJellied
 1-2 JarsSpiced PeachesOR Cinnamon Apple Rings
 1-2 JarsGherkinsEach end of table
 Sm JarDills (optional)No one eats them
 4 cansOlivesThey Eat These!!!
 2 cansPineapple ChunksBaked Yams
 1 16 oz. JarMarmaladeBaked Yams
 1 JarHard Sauceor make it - for mince pie
 1 JarChili DipLa Victoria (mild) Chili Dip
 1 boxLipton Onion SoupCalifornia Dip
 1 JarChicken bouillonGranules-CRITICAL for gravy
 1Coffee - Regular 
 1Coffee - Decaf2 Coffee Makers-to do both.

  Potato ChipsCalifornia Dip
  Taco ChipsChili Dip - Hot Salsa too?
  Assorted Crackers 
  Cheeses/Cheese Ball 
  Salami, etc., 

 1 bagMini MarshmallowsBaked Yams
 1 lbBrown SugarBaked Yams
 1 rnd boxWondra flourGravy (critical)
 ½ - 1 CChop Walnuts|PecansBaked Yams
 1Poultry SeasoningGravy
 1Ground ClovesBaked Yams
 1Celery Seed or saltGravy
 1Baking PowderStuffing (Rumford/NO Aluminum)
 1 lbSugarFor Coffee
 1 lbPowdered SugarHard Sauce
  Kitchen BouquetGravy
 2 pkgJiffy Cornbread MixCornbread
 1 boxInstant TapiocaBaked Yams

 3 BagsBread Cube StuffingSafeway - Mrs. Wrights
 2OnionsStuffing & Gravy
 2 largeCeleryStuffing & Gravy
 8PotatoesKelly Peels & Mashes!
  Veggies for dip?Add Veggie Dip Stuff to list
 Dried Gourds and Corn for Decorations ?
 Centerpiece for Dinner Table, Mantle or Side Board ?

 1 rollPaper TowelsNapkins?

 ½ dozEggs4 = Stuffing 1 = Cornbread
 2 lbButter (1 cube ea.)Stuffing, Turkey, Hard Sauce + Potatoes + Veggies + Dinner table
 1 CubeMargarineStuffing - Butter OK instead
 2 CupsMilkStuffing + Dinner for kids
 1 Tub (16 oz)Sour CreamCalifornia Dip
 1 Pkg (8 oz)Cream CheeseChili Dip
 1 CanWhipped CreamOR make your own ?
  Creamfor Coffee

 1 Large BagPeasFor Pilgrims!

BAKERY Order Pies - 1 week in advance.
 1Pumpkin PieMarie Callenders
 1Mince PieMarie Callenders

  Soft Drinks 
  Beer (Football) 
  Eggnog + Brandy? 
 ? TablespoonsLiqueurHard Sauce - Airline size Bottles

Remember to add ingredients to list for anything additional you decide to serve or anything you make yourself, instead of buying.
Equipment to add to the list if you don’t have it:

4 ½ inch Skewers
Large mixing container or roaster or roaster lid
Optional: 4 cup pyrex measure

Meat Thermometer
Roasting Pan and rack to fit it.
Cheesecloth (buy at grocery stores)

Strainer (6 inch) or plan to use cheese cloth

Family & friends always want to help, but I’m to busy to tell them what to do. I solve this dilemma by getting all serving pieces out in advance and putting a scrape of paper or yellow post-it on each one indicating what goes in it. It might be useful to do this before you go shopping so you can see what is missing or how to change the menu. I have made it a point over the years to collect “bake & serve” cookware. Party supply stores sell plastic serving pieces that look like crystal. They might be useful for pickles and stuff. Consider colorful plastic plates for appetizers. They will add to the table color and decorations and you can throw them away.

Foil, Baggies for storage, wax paper, table cloth & napkins.
Review your menu plan. Remember, you will have ½ hour from the time the turkey is finished until you need to serve everything. Plan dishes that use available equipment. Don’t plan a vegetable dish that takes 1 hour in the oven. Use the microwave. Remember that 2 burners will be occupied on the stove cooking gravy. If you’re going to use the oven, the foods must have the same temperature requirements. Consider what to cook and what to buy. Hard Sauce takes a few minutes to make, it’s relatively cheap and you can make it a month in advance. The pies, especially real mince take quite a while. If you work, it may be worth it to buy them even though they can be make in advance.