Better Homes Cookbook
Penny Ashton - 1990
Serves 12

Oven 375° - 40 min

  TAMALE PIE   2lbslean Ground Beef>Brown in Skillet. 2COnion (Chopped)   32ozTomato Sauce>Add to skillet and simmer for 25 minutes. Make Cornmeal while you wait. 2cansGreen Giant Niblets (12 oz. each) 1canOlives (pitted, select) (coursely chopped) 2clvGarlic (minced) 2TSugar 1tSalt 4-6tChili Powder   12ozCheddar Cheese (grated, 3 Cups, no more!)>Add to skillet and melt.   Whenever I think of Tamale Pie, I smile because one of my favorite kitchen miracles is making cornmeal. ItŐs absolute magic. I always get tickled watching the little bit of yellow meal explode into such a giant solid mass. Cornmeal will become volcanic, as it thickens, so turn it down some.   Corn Meal Topper: Careful bubbling cornmeal can burn you badly.   4CCOLD Water>Add cornmeal & salt to cold water. Cook and STIR until thick. 1 ½CCornmeal ½tSalt   - Stir constantly once it starts to thicken -   Spoon meat mixture into casserole. Spoon Cornmeal over top in a design. Go around edges only, make crisscross rows or something pretty. The red sauce and yellow corn meal are very attractive together.
Bake for 40 min.

updated 22 Mar, 2002