Let’s Cook Microwave
Penny Ashton - 1990
makes 1 lb.

2 qt. glass bowl

  TAFFY   2CSugar>Combine & microwave 8-10 min., stirring after 6 min. Measure temperature to 280° (soft crack). ¼CVinegar ¼Cwater   1tVanilla>Add.   Divide equally on 3 plates. Cool until warm. Grease hands. Pull, working in food coloring until taffy dulls (it will be too stiff to pull). Twist into rope. Cut with scissors into small pieces. Cool and wrap in waxed paper twisting at both ends or cool and pound with knife into small pieces. If mixture cools too much reheat 1-2 min. to re-soften.   CAUTION:Use Pot Holders & Extreme Care. Syrups get blazing hot, be very careful, especially with children under foot.