Marie White-Turner - 1986
She was a co-worker at Central Bank
Penny Ashton - 1990

9", deep dish, glass pie pan
Requires heavy chips

  TACO PIE FOR CHIPS   Serve with heavy tortilla chips and spoons. It’s best if you can spoon the dip onto a chip.   ½lbLean Ground Beef>Cook till pink disappears. Drain all fat.   Add the remaining ingredients in Layers to deep 9 in. glass Pie Pan:   1CanRefried Beans (14.5oz)>Microwave - High 4 min, then add cooked ground beef.   8ozCheddar Cheese (Grated) (I use Extra Sharp Cracker Barrel & save 2oz for some open-faced melted cheese sandwiches.)>Sprinkle over beans and beef. Microwave - high for 1 min. or till cheese melts. No longer.   6Green onions (Thinly Sliced)>Add as next layer. Save some tops for garnish, later.   1RegTomato (Chopped)>Add as next layer.   2Avocados (Mashed)>Spread Avocado in layer.   1CSalsa (Pace Picante)>Smear all over to the edges.   1CSour Cream>Spread, but leave the red salsa showing for, at least, an inch around the edge.   12 ¼ oz CanSliced Olives (optional)>Garnish with Olives and Green onion tops.   Do ahead for parties — most of the preparation stuff can be done in advance:
If you have room in the fridge, spread the beans in the pie pan & cover with saran wrap.
Cook the meat the night before, cool it and put it in a baggie or container.
Grate the cheese, slice the onions and cut up tomatoes & and bag in individual plastic bags.
You can even mash the avocado if you store a pit in the bag or bowl with the avocado. The pit should keep it from turning brown. I usually just mash one up the day I assemble the dip.
Assemble dip the next day. Just microwave to warm the refried beans add the meat and warm it a bit. Melt the cheese about 30 seconds or so then add the remaining cold layers.