Nadine Martin - 1990
Penny Ashton - 1990

Nice to have:
Paper Muffin Cups

  STUFFED EGGS   1dozHard cooked Eggs>Cut in half remove yolks.   Put the yolks through a sieve using the back of an ice cream scoop or process in food processor until smooth.   2dshSalt>Add to sieved eggs. Using hand mixer, whip all ingredients until smooth. 4shksCelery Salt 4shksPaprika 4drpsWorcestershire Sauce (optional) CBest Foods Mayonnaise (6 T. + more if needed)   Options:Split yolk mixture for different fillings (in half for 6 of each)   8-10TOlives AND/OR Relish (well drained & minced)>Amount given is for 12 yolks. Add to yolk mixture.   Put into Pastry Bag with Star Nozzle and pipe into egg whites.
Of course, using a spoon wouldn’t hurt the flavor any either.
Garnish with minced Olives or Sweet Relish, so guests can tell them apart. Grandma always puts the halves in Paper Muffin Cups. They are easier to serve AND they don’t slide around on serving plate if you have to take them to a party.