Penny Ashton - 1990
8 servings - 1 cup each

You may cook as follows or combine everything and cook 1 ½ - 2 hrs. OR use a Crock Pot & cook 10 to 12 hours on low.
1lbSplit Peas>Sort Peas & Rinse.
1 ½lbHam Hocks>Simmer 30 mins.[1] Skim any foam that rises. Cool & Skim. Remove meat from Hocks. Discard bones.
1LgCelery (chopped)>Add to kettle. Split Peas, Meat, Veggies & seasonings. Simmer 1 ½ hours.
1Lg StalkCarrot (chopped)
1LgOnion (chopped)
¼tGround Cloves
¼tAllspice (optional)
1pnchCayenne Pepper (optional)
1Bay Leaf
Stir occasionally, add water if needed.
Remove Bay Leaf and if you haven’t removed meat from ham hocks, do so now. Taste & Season with Salt & Pepper if desired. For creamy soup force through a sieve. For Courser soup, with more fiber value, whirl in food processor.
  1. You may add milk or whipping cream for creamed split pea soup.
  2. You may make a roux (pronounced “ROO” like in Winnie the Pooh) of 2 T. sweet butter & 1 T. flour. Add to simmering soup to thicken.
  3. Do both.

[1]If you refrigerate broth, the fat will congeal on the surface and you can lift it off. If you don’t plan to chill the soup, wait until soup is finished, just before puréeing, to separate bones & meat.