Penny Ashton - 1990
Serves 12 to 15

  SPINACH SALAD   Every one eats their spinach with this on the menu. The Raspberry Vinaigrette is nice on other salads, too. Prepare the ingredients in advance then combine just before serving. It's a big salad. I serve the container of Vinaigrette on the side, so that I will to be able to keep the leftover Spinach salad for the next day.   2bunchSpinach>Thoroughly rinse spinach and spin or pat it dry with a towel.   1lbBacon (cooked & crumbled)>Cook the bacon very crisp and crumble or cut with kitchen scissors.   4 - 6Eggs (Hard boiled)>Hard boil the eggs and cut into small bite size pieces   ¼ - ½lbMushrooms (sliced) (optional)>Brush mushrooms and slice.  
  RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE   This is best made in a blender or food processors. I suppose you could try to whisk it.   ½CSugar>Place all in processor and whiz until thick. 1tDry Mustard 1TOnion (Grated) CRaspberry Vinegar 1tSalt 1COil (Safflower)