Penny Ashton - 1990

  SPINACH APPLE TOSS with Creamy Orange Dressing   1lbSpinach (raw)>Wash spinach, break into bite sized pieces. Core & slice or cube apples. Sprinkle with bacon bits. 2tart Apples ¼ - ½CBacon Bits (imitation)   If not serving immediately, dip apple pieces in Lemon Juice to keep from browning.  
  CREAMY ORANGE DRESSING   ½CLowfat Yogurt>Stir together. Don't use blender or food processor, they will turn cottage cheese grainy. ½CLowfat Cottage Cheese ½CFrozen Orange Juice Concentrate   I serve the dressing and bacon bits on the side so I can serve spinach salad again without it getting soggy.   NOTE:I defrost the orange juice in the microwave. Remove lid, sit on glass tray and nuke for 1 to 2 minutes.