West Bend Country Kettle Cook Book
Penny Ashton - 1990
Makes 2 ½ Pints

3-5 qt Crock Pot
High 3-5 hours
Low 10-12 hours

  SLOPPY JOE MIX to Freeze   This recipe is for families, 1 Pint will fill 6 to 8 buttered Hamburger buns. That’s ¼ lb. beef per bun. If served open faced, you will easily double that amount. If recipe is too large, cut it in half or freeze in smaller portions.   Use West Bend Country Kettle or other large pot. Large electric frying pan may work. For 5 qt Crock Pot: cook on high 3-5 hours OR low 10-12 hours. For 3 qt Crock Pot: make half the recipe and use same times.   4lbsGround Beef>Brown Beef. Drain Most of Fat.   4medOnion (4 cups minced)>Add Veggies and sauté till onions are soft. 3clvGarlic (minced)> 2CCelery (finely chopped)   1TSalt>Add remaining ingredients. Simmer at 200° degrees for 30 minutes or put in Crock Pot (see cooking times above). ½tpepper 3TWorcestershire Sauce 2bottlesCatsup (12 oz each)   Cool, Place in Freezer Containers (seal-a-meal bags)
Label and freeze.   It can also be used as a Chili Starter, though itŐs a little sweet.   Combine: 1 pint of Mix 1-6 oz. can Tomato Sauce 1 20 oz. can Kidney Beans (drained & rinsed) ½ t. Chili Powder   Plus any other hot stuff your little heart desires.