Ford Times Cookbook
Penny Ashton - 1990
Serves 4

Requires Rice

  SHRIMP CREOLE   Don't forget you can buy steamed rice at the Chinese take out, on the way home. This recipe is halved from the original that served 8. Feel free to double it.   1lbFresh Shrimp
¾ lb. Cooked, Shelled , Shrimp>Shell, De-vein, put in small bowl.   1TLemon Juice>Sprinkle over Shrimp. 1TWorcestershire 1tSalt   ½Onion (Medium)>Chop veggies. Mince garlic. ¼Bell Pepper (Medium) ¼CCelery ½ClvGarlic (minced)   1 ½TButter>Melt butter in large frying pan. Sauté veggies until just tender. About 10 minutes.   1 CCanned/Fresh Tomatoes>Add tomatoes and sauce. Stir in flour before sauce warms 4ozTomato Sauce 1TFlour (Wondra)   ½tSugar>Add and cook for 15 to 20 min. tPepper 1dashTabasco   * START YOUR RICE now.>Rice takes 20 minutes.

When rice is cooked: Add seasoned Shrimp. Cook over Low Heat for:
If raw shrimp: 3-5 minutes or until Shrimp are cooked (firm).
If cooked shrimp: 1-2 minutes till warmed.
Serve over Rice.