Penny Ashton 1990
Serves 4

  QUICK SALAD NICOISE (nee-schwah)   6CShredded Lettuce>Toss with dressing and divide on 4 plates. 4TVinaigrette   1CanWhite Tuna (6 ½ oz)>Split ingredients in 4 portions and arrange on greens OR toss if you prefer. 1CanString Beans 3Tomatoes (quartered) 12Anchovies 12Pitted Black Olives 2TCapers   1TMinced Fresh Parsley>Divide among servings. 4TVinaigrette   Either of the Nicoise Salads make a great summer supper. Great with a little Rosé wine. This recipe and the classic one on the previous page were provided to show the possibilities open to use in modifying a classic. If you want quick potatoes you could microwave them. They won’t be the same as oven baked, but that’s your choice. If you don’t like canned string beans, cook fresh ones. Choose what is important to you. If anchovies gross you out, don’t put them in.