Childhood Memories
Bill Husler - 2005

Remember, Jell-O takes hours to set
so leave plenty of time.

  PRISM CAKE   3ozOrange Jell-O>Prepare the Orange, Cherry and Lime Jell-O by dissolving each in ¾ cup of Hot water, then adding ½ cup of cold water to each. Chill (box says 4 hours, but I've heard you can use ice instead of cold water to speed things up. 3ozCherry Jell-O 3ozLime Jell-O   ¾CPineapple Juice>Heat pineapple juice. Dissolve sugar in hot pineapple juice, then remove from heat and dissove Lemmon Jell-O. Add ½ C cold water and chill to thicken. ¼Csugar 3ozLemon Jell-O   1CGraham Cracker crumbs>Crumble Graham Crackers (about 6) and mix with melted butter. Press over the bottom of a baking disk (or where-ever you plan to assemble the cake). Someone suggested using a springform pan, but I haven't tried that. ¼Cmelted butter or margarine   16ozCoolWhip or other whipped topping>In a large bowl, mix pineapple/Jell-O mixture and whipped topping. Slice Orange, Cherry and Lime Jell-O into small cubes and gently fold into topping mix. Add to serving dish. Chill for at least 8 hours.