Best Foods Mayonnaise Jars
Penny Ashton - 1990, rev 2001
Makes 5 cups

Should be made ahead, see note below.
Allow ¼ C. per person, when served with a meal.

  POTATO SALAD   Classic Potato Salad - Then you add whatever makes you happy.   4CPotatoes (cubed or sliced) (About 5 or 6 medium potatoes)>Cook the potatoes (see note below). You may want to cook the Eggs at the same time.   Procedure:Cut up the potatoes, celery and onion, then assemble as follows: 1CBest Foods Mayonnaise>Combine in the bottom of a bowl large enough to hold salad. 2TVinegar   1 ½tSalt>(Add to taste before serving, if eating right away) 1tSugar ¼tPepper   1CCelery (2 lg. stalks sliced 4mm)>Stir the celery and onion into the dressing in the bowl. Then, gently, fold the potatoes into the dressing. ½CRed/Purple Onion (¼ to lg. onion chopped fine) 2 - 4Eggs (hardboiled & cut in 8ths)   This salad is somewhere between very harsh and completely inedible right after it’s made. The dressing needs time to meld with the potatoes. The salt is especially overwhelming. I have made it in the morning and served it in the evening and that seems to be long enough but it’s better the next day. The best sequence is: Friday morning: Cook the potatoes. Chill till afternoon. Friday night: Peel and cut up the potatoes and make the salad. Serve it Saturday or Sunday. About the salt issue: If I make the salad exactly this way, I never have to add salt to the salad before I serve it; if I don’t use that much salt, stirring in additional salt, later, breaks the potatoes up, unnecessarily. About cooking potatoes: Wash ’em & cook ’em whole with skins on. Start them in cool water that is one inch over the potatoes. When the water starts to boil, time them for about 30 minutes, and then check them with a skewer. Mine usually take 35 minutes. Don’t worry when they split their skins. If they are over cooked or too mealy just cut and break them into bite sized chunks. You’re going to have mashed potatoes salad anyway. Cook the eggs and cool in ice and water, to stop the cooking. It helps the eggs peel neatly. Fancy large Idahos will not hold up to potato salad. They are too mealy and will crumble. Buy the usual 5-pound bag of potatoes. I like some of the mealy quality. Some recipes use wax or new potatoes to avoid the mealy quality. I tried to hand select some lovely Idahos and when I boiled them they disintegrated into potato soup. To make a 5-pound bag of potatoes into salad, multiply everything by 3 EXCEPT the salt. Use the same amount of salt as currently called for. A 5 pound sack = about 14 cups and will serve 56 people.