Penny Ashton - 1990

Requires oiled 12 x 16 cookie sheet.

  PEANUT BRITTLE   1CSugar>Combine in 8 cup glass measure. Cook uncovered for 3 min. ½CLight Corn Syrup ½CWater   1 ½CRaw Nuts (Blanched or unBlanched)>Remove from oven, stir thoroughly. Add peanuts, Stir again. Cover with plastic wrap and cook 15 min.   Lightly coat a spatula and a large baking sheet with vegetable oil. Remove syrup from oven. Pierce plastic with tip of knife. Uncover carefully. Pour mixture on oiled surface (cookie sheet 12 x 16). With oiled spatula, spread peanuts to distribute evenly.   Option: Most recipes say to stretch the mixture when its cool enough to handle.   Let harden. When brittle is cool, break into chunks with wooden mallet or rolling pin. Store in air-tight container. CAUTION:Use Pot Holders & Extreme Care. Syrups get blazing hot, be very careful, especially with children under foot.