Penny Ashton - 1990
makes 15-20 balls

Microwave & Stove top
3 qt casserole dish - pyrex

  OLD FASHIONED POPCORN BALLS   1 C. popcorn = 20 C. popped.   2CSugar>Combine & Microwave 12-14 min. Stirring once or twice during lasthalf of cooking. Test with candy thermometer (270°) OR Butter sauce pan, cook on stove top to 270°, stirring frequently. Mixture should boil gently over entire surface. 1 ½CWater ½tSalt ½CLight Corn Syrup 1tVinegar   If more cooking is needed — cook another 1-2 min. and test again.   When mixture reaches 270°F: 1tVanilla>Add vanilla, pour over popcorn, slowly stirring, just to mix well. 20CPopcorn (popped)   Butter hands lightly. Shape Balls.