Penny Ashton 1990
Makes 3 doz. - 3 in. cookies

Oven 350° 12-15 min.
Greased Cookie Sheet(s)

  OATMEAL COOKIES   Makes crisp oatmeal cookies.   1CShortening>Mix thoroughly in a bowl (also called creaming). 1CGranulated Sugar 1CFirmly packed Brown Sugar 2Eggs 1tVanilla   1CFlour>Sift all ingredients together. Add to bowl and mix thoroughly. 1tBaking Powder ½tSalt 1tCinnamon ¼tNutmeg   3CRolled Oats (Uncooked)>Add and stir in.   Drop from Tablespoon onto greased cookie sheets.
Bake 12 to 15 minutes.   (Watch carefully until you have your size and time down)   (My size ______ My Time ______ )