Penny Ashton - 1990
Serves 6

6 qt pressure cooker
3 ½ - 5 qt Crock Pot

  Serve with mustard or horseradish. Season with onion powder & ground cloves if you like. Use leftovers in Corned Beef Hash & Potatoes.   NEW ENGLAND BOILED DINNER (in pressure cooker)   1Cwater>Put water & seasonings into pressure cooker. Place meat on rack. Cook 50 min. at 15 lbs. pressure. Remove from heat. Reduce pressure in cold water. 1ClvGarlic 1Bay leaf 3-4lbsCorned Beef   6smpotatoes (pared & halved)>Open cooker, add veggies. Close & cook 6-7 min. at 15 lbs. pressure. Reduce pressure in cold water. 6smcarrots (pared & halved) 1smhead of Cabbage (wedges)  
  3 ½ - 5 qt Crock Pot, 8 hours   NEW ENGLAND BOILED DINNER (in Crock Pot)   Serve with Boiled potatoes.   6carrots (3 in. pieces)>Put in Crock Pot in order listed. Cook on high 5-6 hours. 3-4lbsCorned Beef brisket 3mdOnions 1Cwater   1smhead of Cabbage (wedges)>Add to liquid, pushing down to moisten or cook cabbage separately (see below), but either way cook another 2-3 hours.   To prepare more cabbage faster, cook separately in skillet or pan. Just take some liquid (1 cup) from Crock Pot. Pour over wedges in skillet, cover & cook slowly for 20-30 min. Baste with liquid a few times.