Let’s Cook Microwave
Penny Ashton - 1990
makes 60 drops.

4 C. glass measure

Use electric mixer, preferably with stand.
3egg whites>Beat until stiff.
2CSugar>Combine in 4 C. glass measure. Microwave 7-9 min. to 234°-240° (soft ball) stirring once or twice.
2TLight Corn Syrup
Remove C. Syrup and add to egg whites, slowly, beating continually at medium speed.
Continue cooking remaining syrup to 250°-266° (hard ball) stirring once or twice.
Slowly add to egg whites, beating at medium speed. When all syrup is added, continue beating for 12-15 minutes until it turns dull.
1CNuts>Remove beaters, fold in food coloring (optional) and nuts.
Food Coloring (optional)
Spoon onto waxed paper. When set, store in covered container.
CAUTION:Use Pot Holders & Extreme Care. Syrups get blazing hot, be very careful, especially with children under foot.
A candy thermometer is useful. Don’t put it in microwave. Remove the syrup from the oven to measure temperature.