Living Lean & Loving it.
Penny Ashton - 1990
2 servings

Requires Tortilla Chips
Use a 2 cup measure.

  MICROWAVE NACHOS OR DIP   Start by preparing all ingredients then do microwave instructions.   COnion (finely Chopped)>Micro - 2 min. - stir halfway   4ozVelveeta (inch slices)>Add Cheese around side of container. Micro - 1 min.   1canDiced Green Chilies (4 oz.)>Drain (Squeeze lid a little). Stir in Chilies. Micro - 1 min.   1smRoma Tomato (diced)>Cut in half, Squeeze out seeds then Chop fine. Stir in Tomato. Micro - 1 min.   Stir once more then pour over 2 servings of Tortilla Chips. 198 Calories per ½ Cup serving (Doesn’t include Chips).