Let’s Cook Microwave
Penny Ashton - 1990

Microwave Oven

  MICROWAVE ART DOUGH   This is the dough used to make Christmas Ornaments & Bread Baskets. It can be rolled to ¼ inch thick, but no smaller. For multi-color, divide dough and add while kneading. For 1 color, add to water.   4CFlour>Mix together. 1CSalt 1 ½CWater   Knead on lightly floured surface 6 to 8 min. Roll ¼ in. thick. Shape with cookie cutters. Pierce with several holes in each piece to release air when cooking. Make hole in top for hanging. Arrange 5 to 10 pieces on glass tray from bottom of microwave OR on paper towel covered cardboard (not recycled), Microwave on medium low (30%) 1 to 1 ½ minutes per piece. Rotate ¼ turn & rearrange ½ way through cooking. Ornaments will appear dry. If large pieces are still moist, cook a few seconds longer. Cool. Brush with shellac before AND after painting with water colors. Dough may be refrigerated 1-2 weeks in closed plastic bag. Candy Canes (red & white) and Wreaths (2 shades of green) may be made by twisting 2 colors of dough — rope style. Moisten with water to join.