Penny Ashton - 1990

  MAYONNAISE DRESSING VARIATIONS   Some of these dressings may be combined and shaken in a jar if you wish.   Start with 1 cup Mayonnaise, add any of the following:   Creamy Mayonnaise: (2 cups)   ½CWhipping Cream (whipped)>Fold into Mayonnaise.   Thousand Island Dressing: (2 cups)   ¼CChili Sauce>Fold into Mayonnaise. 2Eggs (hard boiled & chopped) 2TGreen Pepper (chopped) 2TCelery (chopped) 1 ½TOnion (minced) 1tPaprika ½tSalt   Pink Fruit Dressing: (1 cups)   CCranberry Juice>Stir into Mayonnaise, Chill. 1dshSalt   2TNuts (chopped)>Add before serving.   Chili Dressing: (1 ½ cups)   ½CChili Sauce>This is what I call "No Island dressing"   Herb Dressing: (1 ½ cups)   COnion (minced)>Add to Mayonnaise & stir to blend. Chill to blend flavors. ½tLemon Peel (grated) 2TLemon Juice 2clvsGarlic (minced) 1TSherry 2tWorcestershire Sauce ½tMixed Salad Seasonings   Creamy Chive Dressing:   ¼CChives (snipped)>Stir into Mayonnaise. 1TLemon Juice 2tTarragon Vinegar   Amounts of Mayonnaise Differ in the following Dressings   Marshmallow Dressing: (2 ¼ cups)   1TOrange Juice>Add Orange juice, Lemon juice and Marshmallow cream before adding Mayonnaise. Beat at high speed until fluffy. 1TLemon Juice ½ptMarshmallow Creme   ¼CMayonnaise>Fold in.   Creamy Dressing: (1 cup)   ½CMayonnaise>Mix together. ½CSour Cream 1TLemon Juice 1TOrange Juice 2tSugar   Blue Cheese Dressing: (3 cups)   1CBlue Cheese (crumpled)>Beat until fluffy, then chill. 2CMayonnaise ¼CVinegar ½CSour Cream 1clvGarlic (minced)   Yogurt Dressing: (1 cup)   1CYogurt>Mix together. 2TMayonnaise 1tSugar 1dshLemon Juice