Living Lean & Loving it.
Penny Ashton - 1990
6 servings 1 ½ cups each

  MARIN JOE’S SPECIAL This recipe has appeared in so many cookbooks it's hard to credit one. The book indicated, gave me the nutritional Info. WOW! Good for you.   1


ozFresh Spinach (chopped)
frozen cut spinach>Rinse and Cook Spinach. Drain Well (Squeeze)   1lbGround Round>Sauté in Skillet (6 to 8 min), Drain Fat.   3medOnions (chopped)>Add and cook until translucent. (about 12 min)   ¾lbMushrooms (3 C sliced)>Add and sauté 5 min. till mushrooms are tender. Then add Cooked Spinach. 1tlight salt ½tgarlic powder tpepper   4Eggs (lightly beaten)>Add eggs. Cook stirring constantly, until eggs are set.   Great Served with Blush Wine and Sour Dough Bread. Some recipes call for some wine in the dish. That's tasty too.   Per 1 Cup Serving:Percentages of USRDA: Calories 23212 % Calories Fiber 3 grams36 % Protein Sodium 329 mg.31 % Iron 10 % Calcium 116 % Vitamin A 67 % Vitamin C 14 % Thiamin 32 % Riboflavin 29 % Niacin

updated 22 Mar, 2002