Penny Ashton-1990
Serves 6-8

My total time _____

  LENTIL SOUP   There are probably 142 variations on Lentil soup. I’ve read them all (sigh). You may put everything in the pot but your ground spices and cook the full time or cook meat, Lentils & water for 1 hour, then add veggies the last ½ hour. If you cook chopped veggies the whole time, they will be no more than a flavorful thickener. Some recipes call for 45 minutes cooking time, some 3 hours. Cook and check as you go to determine your times. Some people purée all the soup, others purée half and some don’t purée at all.   1-2lbsHam Hocks>Cook until Lentils are almost soft (½ - 1 hour — see next instruction) 1lbLentils 3qtswater OR Chicken Broth 2TCider OR Wine Vinegar   1lgCarrot (chopped)>Add veggies, cook another ½ hour or add with Lentils and cook whole time. 2Celery stalks (chopped) 1medOnion (chopped) 2clvGarlic (minced)   Remove Hocks, remove meat, return to pot.   1tThyme>Add last 10 min. Heat sausage through. ¼tNutmeg 1lbGarlic Sausage sliced in rounds   Taste and correct seasonings, add salt & pepper if desired.   Options:
  1. Purée 3-4 cups of cooked Lentils and return to pot to thicken.
  2. Make a roux (pronounced “Roo” like Kanga’s child in Winnie the Pooh).
  3. Instead of Garlic Sausage — use leftover ham or smoked turkey.