Penny Ashton - 1990

  KID’S STUFF   * BUBBLE BLOWING SOLUTION *   1CDish-washing Soap>Combine in large container. 1GallonWater 3




dropsCooking Oil
glycerine   * COOKED PLAY DOUGH * (see microwave Play Dough also)   1CFlour>Mix all ingredients in a pot.
Cook over low to medium heat.
Stir until mixture is very thick and forms a firm ball. ½CSalt 2TCream of Tartar 1CWarm water 1tOil Food Coloring   Knead the dough. Roll in a ball. Store in an airtight container. Will keep indefinitely, as long as it does not dry out.   * CRYSTAL GARDEN *   6TSalt>Mix together 6Tliquid bluing 6Thousehold ammonia   Piece of Brick>Pour over a piece of brick in a dish. Add red or blue ink for color. fewdropsRed or Blue ink   Try not to move the dish too much. To keep the crystals growing add a teaspoon of ammonia every week.