Joys of Jell-o Cookbook
Penny Ashton - 1990

Requires Electric Mixer.
8 in. square pan

  JELL-O PASTEL MARSHMALLOWS   Cwater>Bring to boil.   1pkgJell-o — any flavor (3 oz)>Dissolve in water. 1CSugar   3TLight Corn Syrup>Blend in Corn Syrup.   Chill until slightly thickened. Line an 8 in. sq. pan with wax paper. Grease with butter or margarine. Beat with electric mixer until soft peaks form. Pour into pan. Let stand in refrigerator over-night. Turn out on surface heavily dusted with Powdered Sugar. To remove wax paper: dampen surface with water, let stand a few minutes; then peel off. Dust top with sugar. Cut into 1 in. squares. Roll cut edges in sugar.