Penny Husler - 2000
Makes about 4 cups

Serves Bill & I for dinner.
2 quart sauce pan


HOT & SOUR SOUP We like Hot & Sour Soup but don't want to take the time to make it at home. This is a very good copy of what we get at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Very tasty. OPTIONAL: ¼CCarrot shreds - 1 carrot>Prepare your additions or go to the next step. 1-4ozCanSliced Mushrooms See other options at the bottom of the page. 1BoxKnorr Hot & Sour Soup Mix>Follow package directions: Whisk the mix into the water. Take care and do it well. Bring to boil over med.-high heat. Add the optional Veggies if you want to cook them, a bit. Turn down and simmer, stirring occasionally for 5 min. ½tWhite Pepper (Try ¼, then taste. You can always put pepper on the table for the die hards.) 3Cwater 1tApple Cider Vinegar>Stir to blend. Add any veggies you simply wish to heat. 1Egg>Beat with a fork in a small bowl. Add to soup in thin stream. Stir, if at all, 'till wispy strings form. Do it .. last thing. I whisked.. Don't do it! Don't even stir again before serving. OPTIONS: The restaurant uses carrots & chicken cut into matchsticks, bits of cabbage and seaweed called "black fungus." Other ideas are: fresh mushrooms, Straw mushrooms. Sliced water chestnuts, green onions or cabbage might add some crunch. Bamboo shoots, 3in Square Bean Curd (tofu). 1 shredded carrot and a 4 oz. can of mushrooms was good and pretty much filled the broth. Check various cook books for other additions. Every one seems to have their favorites. ½ t. Black Pepper - one recipe called for ½ t of both white and black pepper. We were quite happy with the addition of just the white. If you reserve the white pepper for the table, the kids might like it, but you can always make them a separate can of Campbell's "whatever" soup.