The New Basics Cook Book
Penny Ashton -1990

Oven 350° 2 hrs.
3 qt. Baking dish

  HAZELNUT RISOTTO PUDDING   This is an update on old-fashioned Rice pudding and very imaginative.   ½CDried Currents>Combine and soak 8 hrs. or overnight covered loosely. ½CFrangelico Liqueur   4CMilk>Butter baking dish. Add ingredients and mix thoroughly. Bake uncovered. Stir every 15 or 20 min. until rice is cooked and almost all liquid is absorbed. About 2 hours. 5TSugar ½tVanilla ¼CArborio Rice (the risotto rice)   CHazelnuts (toasted & chopped)>Drain currents and stir them into pudding along with hazelnuts.   1CWhipping Cream (for serving)>Serve with cream drizzled over top; either hot or cold.