Better Homes
Penny Ashton - 1990
Serves 8 to 10

Requires Cooked Noodles
350° Oven - 45 min.
2 ½ qt. Casserole Dish

HAMBURGER CORN CASSEROLE This is the one...Greg's Birthday Dinner! 6oz.Dry Noodles (3 Cups)>Boil water. Cook noodles. 1 ½lb.Lean Ground Beef>Brown ground beef in skillet, drain fat, add onions, cook until tender. 1COnion (chopped) 1CanGreen Giant Niblets>Add all and heat through. DO NOT BOIL! 1CanCream of Mushroom Soup 1CanCream of Chicken Soup 1CSour Cream 1JarChopped Pimento (sm., drained) ¾tSalt ¼tPepper Put mixture in Casserole. Add noodles and fold in.