Penny Ashton - 1990

Electric skillet 300°

  FRENCH TOAST   Makes very elegant French Toast.   Plan to microwave bacon. Cut it in half so you don’t eat it all with the first servings of french toast. I allow 3 slices each (6, cut in half). Calculate your cooking time so it’s finished when your French toast is done (remember to allow for standing time) and all you do is blot it and serve it.   8slicesBread (3/4 in. if possible)>Stale is best.   3Eggs (extra large)>Beat eggs well with fork. Add remaining ingredients and beat again to combine. 1CMilk ½tVanilla 1PinchSalt   Butter (for frying) or oil.   Dip bread slices. Let them absorb some of the batter but not so much they become soggy. Let excess batter drip off. Then fry in butter. Do not crowd slices in pan. Fry slowly until the first side turns golden brown about 5-7 minutes (for thick slices) then turn and do the other side about the same amount of time. I set a timer so I can start bacon and ignore the clock. By the time both sides are done the inside should be moist and almost custard like. If you fry too fast the inside will be uncooked and wet. Serve on heated plates, with bacon & Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, Maple Syrup or Honey.