Louise Husler - Portalhurst Cookbook
Penny Ashton - 1990

Paper Cupcake Liners.
Frozen desert.

  FRANGOIS   Bill’s Mom used to make these. They are one of his favorites. So you know their sweet and rich.   1CButter (2 cubes)>Cream Butter. Slowly add Sugar and beat until fluffy. 2CPowdered Sugar   4Eggs>Beat eggs in, one at a time.   2tVanilla>Melt chocolate in microwave, 2 min. Add chocolate & vanilla to mixture. Mix well. 4squaresChocolate (melted)   1CVanilla Wafers (finely crushed)>crush in baggie or food Processor   Place a spoonful of crumbs in bottom of cupcake liner.
Add a spoonful of Chocolate.
Top with another spoonful of crumbs. Freeze.