Penny Ashton - 1990
Series 4 to 5

Requires Cooked Rice and Cooked Poultry

  CURRIED TURKEY   This recipe's name is Chicken Curry but I never have much left over Chicken so I have always used Turkey. I look for Turkey Curry and can never find it. I've lost and found it, like an old friend, many times over the years. Please no comments about the analyst now. I'm changing it's name to Curried Turkey!   1Apple (Pared & Chopped)>Prepare veggies. Cube turkey. 1CCelery (Sliced) ½COnion (Chopped) 1clvGarlic (Minced) 4


ozfresh Mushrooms (sliced)
can (drained)   1TButter>Sauté veggies, in butter, until onion is tender.   2TCornstarch>Combine and stir into onion mixture. 3tCurry Powder ¾CChicken Broth - COLD   2CMilk>Add Milk. Cook and stir until mixture thickens and bubbles.   2CTurkey (cooked & cubed)>Add Turkey. Heat until warm.   Serve over Rice, Kasha or Couscous.
Bill's Favorite is Couscous. Optional Curry Condiments: Grated (toasted) Coconut, Sliced Banana, raisins, chutney (mango), peanuts, dried currents. Pass little bowls.   Substitute Chicken Broth: ¾tBouillon granules>Just add them in, when the granules heat they will dissolve. ¾Ccold Water