The Grains Cookbook - 1988
- Bert Greene
Penny Ashton - 1990
makes 12 Crêpes

requires 6 in. crêpe
or omelet pan.

  CRÊPES   These crêpes may be made in advance and stored, Refrigerated, in a plastic bag.   2Eggs>Place all ingredients in blender. Process on high for about 1 minute or until very smooth. ¾CMilk 6TCornstarch 1TOil 2tSugar ¾tBaking Powder tSalt   Transfer the batter to a bowl. Heat a greased 6-inch crêpe or omelet pan until it is very hot. Pour about 2 tablespoons of the batter onto the center of the pan. Turn and twist the pan immediately to coat the bottom. Cook over medium-high heat until the crêpe is lightly browned and the top is dry around the edges, about 30 seconds. Carefully turn the crêpe over and cook several seconds. Transfer to a paper towel. Repeat with the remaining batter stacking the crêpes, with a paper towel in between, on top of each other. When through, invert the stack so the golden sides are down.