Penny Ashton - 1990

Use Fork, No mechanical stuff

  CLAM DIP   We like this dip with Celery Sticks and Pretzels. Thin it some with milk, sour cream or Mayonnaise to use with Chips. It’s very thick.   1Clams (7 oz. minced or chopped)>Drain clams & Squeeze can top down slightly. Pour Juice into can until you can just see it below surface of clams. Marinate while you do the rest. 1 ½TLemon Juice (approximate)   1PkgCream Cheese (8 oz.)>Spread out on dinner plate. Microwave 30 secs. to soften.   ¼tGarlic Powder>Sprinkle Garlic & Cloves over Cream Cheese. tCloves (ground)   1TMayonnaise>Add 1 large dollop of Mayonnaise.   Turn can of clams and juice over in the middle of cheese.
Stir and Mash with fork until mixed.