Penny Ashton - 1990
Makes 15 apple rings

7 x 12 baking dish

  CINNAMON APPLE RINGS   Serve on Lettuce Leaves with a dab of cream cheese in the center or just as a side dish with pork or chicken.   2CSugar>Combine and Microwave on high for 20 minutes or until sugar and candy dissolve. Stir a few times. 1CApple Juice ½CCinnamon Red Hots (Candies)   5Cooking Apples>Peel, Core, Slice into ¾ - 1 in. rings.   1TLemon Juice>Combine and dip apples to retard browning. Pierce each apple ring twice with a 2 prong fork. 1Cwater   Place ½ of the apple rings in the syrup. Microwave at 30% power (medium low) for 25-28 minutes or until apples are tender and beginning to look transparent. Turn apples about every 5 minutes. Remove apples from syrup and place in shallow dish. Place second half of apples in syrup and repeat, cooking them at 30% for 25-28 minutes. Place second apples with first, cover with syrup. Cover & store in refrigerator. Turn a few times as they chill.