Penny Ashton - 1990
can serve 16

Oven 350° - total time 1 hour.
9 in. spring form pan.

  CHOCOLATE VELVET CHEESECAKE   Makes a fairly light cake, very rich. General Instructions: All ingredients should be at room temperature. Each ingredient is added gradually in small amounts and thoroughly incorporated before adding the next one. Scrape sides of bowl frequently. Work with beater on medium speed in large mixing bowl. Make chocolate crumb crust before beginning.   Preheat oven and place oven rack in center of oven.   12ozSemisweet Chocolate (Chips)>Microwave for 3 min. Stir to remove lumps. Set aside. 2TUnsalted Butter   1 ½lbsCream Cheese (softened) (cut in 1 in. cubes)>Beat until completely smooth. Add chocolate.   When mixture is a uniform color:   1 ½CWhipping Cream>Add whipping cream then vanilla. 1tVanilla   1CSugar>Add small amounts, beat until absorbed.   3lgEggs (room temperature) (slightly beaten)>Add about ¼ C. at a time. Scrape bowl after each addition.   2TUnsweetened Cocoa>Sift over batter. Beat at low speed until incorporated.   Pour into crust. Rotate pan several quarter turns (sharply) to settle batter. Bake 30 min. Reduce temp. to 325°. Bake 30 min. more. Turn oven off. Let cake stand in oven with door ajar 30 min. Transfer to wire rack — away from drafts. Cool undisturbed on wire rack until sides & bottom of pan are completely cooled to room temperature. Remove sides and refrigerate for at least 8 hours then cover loosely with plastic wrap until serving time. Sprinkle (sieve) powdered sugar on top just before serving. Whipped Cream is nice too.