Penny Ashton - 1990
can serve 16

Oven 300° 1 hour 5 min.
9 in. spring form

Makes a very dense cake.
General Instructions: All ingredients should be at room temperature. Each ingredient is added gradually in small amounts and thoroughly incorporated before adding the next one. Scrape sides of bowl frequently. Work with beater on medium speed in large mixing bowl.
Preheat oven and place oven rack in center of oven.
1Chocolate Crumb Crust>Make crust but press crumbs ONLY on bottom of pan.
12ozSemisweet Chocolate (chips)>Microwave 3 min. Stir to remove lumps. Set aside.
1 ½lbsCream Cheese (3 8 oz. pkgs) (softened)>Beat until fluffy.
1canSweetened Condensed Milk>Gradually add until smooth then add chocolate.
4Eggs (beaten)>Add eggs a small amount at a time (¼ C.) scrape sides of bowl. Add vanilla.
Bake 1 hour and 5 min. or until set. Cool, chill thoroughly., Garnish as desired.