Better Homes
Penny Ashton - 1990
Serves 4

Requires Cooked Vermicelli

  CHICKEN CACCIATORE   I assume this would work fine with your favorite Ragu Sauce too.   1Chicken (Cut Up)>Brown Chicken Pieces in Oil. Remove Chicken. ¼COil   2Onions (¼ in. Slices)>Sauté in skillet till onions are tender. 2clvsGarlic   1CanTomatoes (1 lb.) (I like stewed)>Combine and pour over Chicken. Cover and simmer 30 Minutes. 1CanTomato Sauce (8 oz.) 1tSalt ¼tPepper 1tItalian Seasoning ½tBasil ½tCelery Seed 1-2Bay Leaves (Depends on size)   Start vermicelli water. Cook vermicelli as soon as water is ready. I start with 3 qts. hottest water from the tap and have rolling boil in 6 minutes. I always drain pasta into a colander then wash and rinse the pot NOW. Put the colander over a plate on the counter, if you don't have a double sink. I hate doing it later (There is a reason they call it paste).   ¼CWhite Wine>Add wine.   Uncover, cook another 15 minutes turning occasionally. The chicken will hold while you get everything else ready. Remove Bay Leaves. Suck off excess fat with turkey baster. Rinse baster in hot water, then throw in Dish Pan. Put individual servings of vermicelli on plates add pieces of chicken and spoon sauce over. Put remaining vermicelli in baggie. Put colander in Dish Pan. This definitely calls for Sour Dough Baguettes and maybe some sautéed zucchini or Italian Green Beans. How about a dark green salad with crunchy croutons and Broccoli Buds and Radishes for color.