Penny Ashton - 1990
Makes 2-4 inch balls OR 4 smaller ones

  CHEESE BALL or LOG   This is very tasty and much less expensive than buying one.
Vary the cheese according to your taste. We found that we needed our heavy duty Kitchenaid mixer, when all the ingredients were cold. You might be able to use a food processor, if you warm ingredients to room temperature or "nuke" a little and then process ½ at a time. Be sure to grate Cheddar before softening.   8ozSharp Cheddar Cheese>Grate Cheddar   1PkgCream Cheese (sm.)>Cut Cream Cheese into chunks. Combine with butter and Blue cheese. 3ozBlue Cheese (no more) - ½CubeButter   1 ½CWalnuts or Pecans (chopped) OR Crispy Crumpled Bacon>Add 1 cup of nuts - reserve ½ Cup for outside.   OPTION: Put all the nuts inside and roll in 1 ½ t. each Paprika and Chili Powder OR Chopped Parsley. Remove from Refrigerator at least 1 hour prior to serving to allow time for softening. It’s like a rock otherwise.