Girl Scouts
Penny Ashton - 1990

Requires Heavy Foil
350° Oven - 30 min.

CAMPIN’ OUT DINNERS IN FOIL This is one of my favorite meals! You don't need wait for charcoal for this one. It works fine in the oven too. Kids love to make their own and NO DISHES. Per Person: 2SheetsHeavy Duty Aluminum Foil>Place patty on foil.Add potato and butter. ¼-1/3lb.Ground Beef Patty ½med.Potato (cut in small Chunks) 1patButter To Share: 1Onion (Sliced)>Add some onion rings. Share the green beans. 1CanCut Green Beans Salt & Pepper (if desired) If you have more than 3 people, otherwise it’s too much. 1CanGreen Giant Niblets

Butcher Wrap tightly, pinching seams, and Cook over coals for 10 minutes each side. Listen for serious Bubbling and Sizzling to know when they are done. Have extra foil ready in case you open too early.

To oven cook: Try 20 - 30 minutes. Turn them so juices get on Veggies.

The following is bound to happen when you make these:

One packet will leak it's juices and burn (Fold edges tightly). That packet will belong to a child and they will be heartbroken. Most of us try to put too much on the foil and then we can't close them with enough folds to secure juices.

Create an Adventure:

After Dinner, cover the dining table with blankets & sheets and let the kids sleep out (under) in sleeping bags. Turn out the lights, bring out the candles or flashlights. Play cards or games in the dark. Toast marshmallows over the gas burners on the stove for Some-Mores.