Rival Crock Pot Book
Penny Ashton 1990
Serves 6

Large Skillet
Crock Pot - Low
8 to 10 hours

Do veggies* while Bacon & Beef brown.
6Bacon Strips (1" pieces)>Fry, remove & drain.
3lbsBeef Stew (1 ½ inch cubes)>Brown well in bacon fat. Place browned cubes in Crock Pot.
* 1lgCarrot (peel & slice 1/8in.)>Brown in skillet.
*1medOnion (peel & slice 1/8in.)
tSalt>Add to skillet and stir in well.
1CanCONDENSED Beef Broth (10 oz)>Add to skillet mix well. Add skillet and Bacon to Crock Pot.
1tTomato Paste
* 2clvsGarlic (minced)
½tWhole Thyme
1Bay Leaf
* ½lbWhite Pearl Onions (peeled)>Add to Crock Pot. Cook 8 to 12 hours on low.
Then 1 hour before serving:
2T Butter>Sauté mushrooms in butter then add to Crock Pot.
* 1lbfresh mushrooms (Slice when you do the rest, store in baggie).
½CRed or Burgundy Wine>Add to Crock Pot.
To Thicken Gravy: Make a Roux in small skillet.
3TButter>Melt butter and add flour. Form a paste. Turn Crock Pot to High. Add to hot stew and stir until thickened.