Roberta Duffin
Penny Husler - 1998
Makes alot

If your not preparing this for a crowd, cut the recipe in half.
½lbBacon>Fry till crisp. Drain, cool then stack and cut into ½ ” bits with the kitchen shears. It will crumble just fine.
1CBest Foods Mayonnaise>Mix in a small container
½CSugar (That'the original receipe. I reduce it and use about C. sugar)
2StalksBroccoli (just the flowerttes)>Combine in bowl large enough to hold salad. Add the bacon. Pour the dressing over and toss.
3Green onions (sliced)
1CWalnuts (chopped)
I like to make this a few hours early but not the night before. It’s fine the next day but the broccoli is a little more wilted from the vinegar.