Penny Ashton - 2000
Makes about 3 cups

Takes about 10 minutes - then wait a couple of days.

  Blue Cheese Dressing   We wanted a blue cheese dressing like we used to be able to find in some family restaurants. (Read here: Denny’s Lyons, etc., ) We don’t even know where because we can’t find it anymore. I have to admit this isn’t perfected. Sometimes, I thin too much the first day. I think it thins out, somewhat, on it’s own.   1CMayonaise>Mix with a fork or a whisk in a small bowl 1CSour Cream (nonfat?) ¼CFresh Parsley, finely chopped 1Tfresh Lemon Juice 1tgarlic, minced 6dashesWorcestershire Sauce   Add to taste:
Salt, ground black pepper, pinch of red repper or Tabasco style sauce   Buttermilk>As needed to thin. Won’t be necessary for nonfat sour cream 4ozBlue Cheese crumbled>Stir in and mash with a fork or blend in with a mixer.   I used brand name: “Denmark’s Finest” imported Blue Cheese. I bought it from Safeway’s Deli section instead of the usual “Cave brand” from the refridgerator section. It’s a moderate price. I used Nonfat Sour Cream, no parsley, 1 T. lemon juice, no red pepper. You have to buy a fairly large chunk of cheese but the amount of cheese, and a 1- pint container of buttermilk lets you make this receipe twice. Nonfat sour cream thins out on it’s own when it sits over night, so you don’t need the Buttermilk to thin it. Initially, I blended the whole mess (except the cheese) together with a fork. crumbled the blue cheese and stirred that in. When I added the buttermilk I whirled it with my Braun stick mixer, I tried to be quick about it so I didn’t turn the blue cheese to mush. I liked it but Bill thought it didn’t have enough chunks of cheese. The lemon freaked me out initially but it mellowed way down. I didn’t really care for this stuff until the 3rd day. I think it makes a good dip if you don’t thin it. It may need some more work but this is a good start.   This may be what the restaurants do:   Blue Cheese Dressing # 4 Categories: Salads - Yield: 24 servings   1qtMayonnaise (4 cups)>Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl except crumbled cheese. Mix with electric mixer. Stir in crumbled cheese with a fork. Refrigerate. Makes 1 ½ quarts. 1cButtermilk 1cCottage cheese(sml curd) 1tWorcestershire sauce 1tGarlic salt 1tSalt Roquefort or Blue cheese   Tightwad Gazette.