Karen Pramme - 2005
3 servings

  BEEF FONDUE   3lbsSirloin(cubed)>figure 1 pound per person.   Meat Oil
for the star of our show   3SticksMargarine>Boil until Dark Brown. 1CVegetable Oil   Mustard Sauce   ¼CMayonnaise>Mix all the ingredients together. ¼CPrepared Mustard ¼tTabasco Sauce   Curry Sauce   ½CMayonnaise>Mix all the ingredients together. 2TMilk 1TCurry Powder ¼tTabasco Sauce   Catsup Wine Sauce   2TButter>Heat in saucepan to make a rue. 2TFlour ½tGarlic Salt>When it's Bubbling add in the rest of the incredients and mix thoroughly. 1/3CWine ½CCatsup 1CubeBeef Bouillon(crushed) 1tBrown Sugar 1tDry Mustard