Penny Ashton - 1990
rev 3/2002

Requires: Pressure Cooker

  ARTICHOKES   I don’t really want to appear opinionated but; as far as I’m concerned Artichokes are the driving force behind the expense of purchasing a pressure cooker. Additionally, if you don’t cook them in a pressure cooker, don't bother to eat them. Purchase:Always examine the base of Artichokes and reject any with worm holes. They should be crisp and tightly closed. Pare:Cut off stems. Trim leaves with scissors. Clean:Submerge in salt water for a few (10) minutes, to encourage bugs to leave. Move around in water, turning upside down and putting back in periodically. Cooking:Place on Rack in Pressure cooker. Put a minimum of 1 cup of water in bottom of cooker. Drizzle Vegetable oil over each artichoke. Shake a generous amount of Garlic Powder over each one. 15 min. at 15 lbs. pressure for medium to large.
20 min. at 15 lbs. pressure for humongous. Reduce pressure by sitting the pressure cooker, in water, in the sink.   NOTE:If you do purchase a pressure cooker be sure it’s stainless steel NOT aluminum. No Alzheimer’s disease in our family, please. Stainless is much more expensive, but you'll use this pot for 50 years.   Circumference MeasurementsTimeCold Water CoolResults 14 ¾ in.30min.NoSlightly Soft but OK